John Ringland: Research

J. Ringland, J. Bantle, A. Festinger, H. Jo, R. Klafehn, Sustained Pest Control in a Detailed Model of an Insect Population with Non-Recessive Pesticide Resistance. Under revision.

J. Mohammed-Awel, J. Bantle, A. Festinger, H. Jo, R. Klafehn, J. Ringland, Boundaries of Sustainability in Simple and Elaborate Models of Agricultural Pest Control with a Pesticide and a Nontoxic Refuge, J. Biol. Dyn., 6, 80-95, 2012, available online Dec 19, 2011.

Analysis of Sustainable Pest Control Using a Pesticide and a Screened Refuge, J. Ringland and P. George, Evolutionary Applications, 4 (2011), 459-470.

Jemal Mohammed-Awel, Karen Kopecky, John Ringland, A Situation in which a Local Nontoxic Refuge Promotes Pest Resistance To Toxic Crops, Theoretical Population Biology, Volume 71, Issue 2, March 2007, Pages 131-146. Published version is at Science Direct.

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