Star Photo Assignment

For Report #4, the goal is to develop code that recognizes the stars (stars, galaxies, QSOs) in a "photo" of some of the stars in your patch of sky, where the exact direction, orientation, and zoom of the photo is unknown.


Specifically, you will use a slightly modified version of the code in star_photo.html to make a table of the 50-60 brightest objects in your sky patch that looks like this:



You will create a database that establishes a map from the "Betsy point" of each triple of objects in this table back to the triple of nicknames of those objects.

Then you will make a function that uses just the xprime,yprime columns of the output of the function star_photo() and determines the nickname of each object in the "photo" (or at least a list of the nicknames of the stars in the photo). The function will accomplish this by generating the "Betsy point" of some triples of objects in the photo and "looking them up" in the database you already constructed.

It would be helpful if you also write code that checks how many correct and incorrect nicknames your recognizer provides.

The report should be like previous reports: it should introduce the topic and the concepts needed, clearly explain your methodology, demonstrate the operation of the recognizer you create, and reflect on the results and the extent to which your efforts have been successful.