MTH 448/563 Data-Oriented Computing

Fall 2019

Day 28 = Day -1

Wednesday, December 4

Project #6, now due 4:00pm Wednesday, Dec 11.

Alessandro Volta demonstrates his multi-layer neural network to Napoleon Bonaparte (c.1800):


(just kidding)

Neural network development resembles 19th century science: empirical, with theory coming behind:


Project #6 is in this spirit.

Tensorflow/keras makes building NNs like playing with Lego.

Additional notes on convolutional layers vs dense, activation, ...

Power, responsibility, course evaluations

A few final words ...

This class in "data carpentry".

With power comes responsibility: please use your power to help your fellow creatures, not to manipulate them.

Ethics: what not to be like: Deep fakes:. "A.I. engineers and machine-learning specialists try to mimic reality with such accuracy that you may not be able to tell what’s real from what’s not."

Worthy pursuits: science, public health, data journalism, Wikipedia, ...

Assistance with Project and Report #6