Day 26

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

QGIS, cont'd

Exercise 2: Land parcels in Erie County

Download this file ErieParcels.tgz (110MB), which contains shapefiles for all the land parcels in Erie County along with land-use data, for both 2001 and 2012 (courtesy of Prof. Samina Raja, School of Architecture and Planning). Use QGIS to visualize

  1. a numerical field such as the county tax amount (COTAX) or the years in which things were built, and
  2. a categorical field such as the ZONING.
erie_land_parcels_classify.png erie_land_parcels_no_pen.png


Why is there a big square blank in the COTAX map?

Exercise 3: Cancer occurrence rates in NY State

a Here are shapefiles for the Census block groups for New York State: Census block groups (16MB). Take a look at the block groups using QGIS.

b Download this Cancer Mapping Data from the NYSDOH, unpack it, and find out what you've got. (This is for 2005-2009. I did not find more recent data: if you can, then by all means use that.)


You will see there is cancer incidence data for each census block group. Choose a cancer type and make a new CSV file that contains just the geoid and the ratio of observed/expected for the selected cancer type. Visualize the incidence rates using QGIS.


Add Layer > Add Delimited Text Layer ...

No geometry (attribute only table)

Layer Properties > Joins

Any noteworthy hotspots?

Help for weather forecast or other project

Homework for Thursday

Please read this paper, "You had me at hello: How phrasing affects memorability", which is the inspiration for the work that guest-presenter Prof. Rachael Hinkle from Political Science will be showing us on Thursday, May 11.