MTH 448/563 Data-Oriented Computing

Fall 2019

Day 19

Wednesday, October 30


Ashish Tyagi visit Friday

A 2017 UB graduate in Math and CS, working for Goldman-Sachs in NY City, Ashish will be in the Math Lounge 2-3pm, this Friday, Nov 1. He says "I would love to talk about how to get internship or full-time offers, skills I learned at UB and how they help me at my job at Goldman, or just answer questions in general."

Handwriting contributions

We need some handwritten characters to work on next Monday. Please stop by my office to contribute at your earliest convenience. Will take 2-5 minutes. I hope to have almost everyone represented.

Recognizing stars in photos

Goal: From the xprime,yprime columns of the "photo" only, recover the nicknames of the objects in the photo.

<My code with "take_photo"





pip install youtube-dl, also need ffmpeg or similar to extract audio from mp4 video, and an mp3 to wav converter.,

Scarlatti K141 ..

Exercise: Take 10 minutes to read this paper on how Shazam works, and make notes. I may collect these notes, and I will call on individuals to explain what they discovered.

How is the Shazam problem similar to our star recognition problem? And how different?