MTH 448/563 Data-Oriented Computing

Fall 2018

Day 19 = Day -11, Tuesday, Oct 30

Redownload handwriting samples

I have cleaned these up a bit more: delete your pngs folder and redownload

classification: linearly separable data

How would you use a linear classifier to separate this data?

Exercise: use Inkscape to draw the "best" line separating red and blue classes.

maximum margin classifier

How to actually find a linear function that separates the classes?

quadratic programming


quadratic_programming_cvxopt_hello.png quadratic_programming_cvxopt_hello1.png

Exercise: What are Q, p, G, h, A, b for our problem?

Homework: Finish off the setup of the cvxopt implementation to find the maximum margin linear classifier for our two-class character recognition problem, solve it, and then draw the line (hyperplane) corresponding to the solution on one of the plots of the dots in the feature space (plane). Have your plot ready to show at the beginning of class on Thursday.