Day 14

March 28, 2017

Data in the news

Deletion of data by Trump administration

Constructing SQL queries, cont'd

No questions.

Automated interpretation of data

2017_03_28/20170328_093643.jpg 2017_03_28/20170328_093650_001.jpg

audio clip

Answer to who's the singer: Amy Winehouse, a great singer who sadly found life without drugs to be empty and boring and drank herself to death at age 27.


Recognizing handwritten characters

handwriting/colorpngs/001_20170329_jboatrit__1.png handwriting/colorpngs/003_20170329_kk242__7.png handwriting/colorpngs/002_20170329_miasette__2.png handwriting/colorpngs/003_20170329_artaboni__7.png

Machine learning

Feature extraction

Feature extraction is a a commonly (but not universally) used preprocessing step.


Linearly separable data


[Neglected to take photo of board(s) about PLA - anyone take notes you could provide a photo of?]


See scratch notebook for partial implentation: HTML, ipynb.