Day 04

Thursday, Feb 9, 2017

Distinguishing Clinton and Trump, cont'd

Exercise: Do the differences you noted in the speech of Clinton and Trump during the 1st presidential debate allow you to identify which of them uttered each of the following two excerpts from the 2nd debate?

Do not read! Just right-click Save Link As ...

2nd debate excerpt 1

2nd debate excerpt 2

Quiz "Clinton/Trump": write one or two sentences about what you find.


The foundation of scientific computing in Python.

First names exploration, cont'd

Recap and suggestions

Regular expressions

More sophisticated pattern-matching (than chaining split-and-selects).

There will be a (conventional) quiz on this next Thursday.

Regex cheat sheet

Top 500 list

Top 500 supercomputers as of Nov 2016

Executing system (shell) commands from Python

import os os.system( your_command_as_a_string )

If you want to capture the output with your code, you'll need a more complicated method: Google "python subprocess.Popen".

Regex Exercises

Find the names of all the PDF documents in this web page: `Celebration of Student Academic Excellence 2016 <>_. Optional: Download (Linux: wget, Mac: curl) all the PDFs and make jpg images of each. (imagemagick convert)

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Find all the high and low temperature predictions in this page.