MTH 448/563 Data-Oriented Computing

Spring 2017

Course Information and Policies

Class time/place: Tuesdays and Thursdays, 9:00-10:50pm (yes, 110 minutes), Math 250.

Instructor: John Ringland. Email: ringland at Be sure to put “448” or “563” in the Subject line. Office hours: Mon and Wed 5:00-6:15pm for now, and by app't.

Prerequisites: MTH 337, or facility with the Python programming language, or permission of instructor.

Course website: This website provides almost all the information you need for the class, including links to all lecture material and assignments. You are expected to bookmark this page and check it at least once a day. This is an open unrestricted website, so a few addresses I don't want to make public will not be posted there and will instead be emailed to you.

Email: Some class announcements and other important information and instructions will be sent to you via email. You are expected to check your UB email at least daily for the duration of the course.

Class structure: This is a hands-on lab-style class, focused strongly on technical skills. You need to bring a laptop computer with you to class every day. If you do not have one, I will do my best to provide one for you. It is strongly preferred that your laptop has option of booting the Linux operating system, or Mac OS X if you must. You will be spending a large fraction of the time in class writing computer code and manipulating data, supervised by me.


Major topics:

Text: Google, Wikipedia, Youtube, Coursera, etc. provide our texts and references.

Application areas may include:


Dates: The first day of classes is Tuesday, Jan 30, 2017. The last day of classes is Thursday, May 11, 2016. Monday, Feb 6 is the last day to add the class, or to drop it with no record on your transcript. Friday, Apr 21 is the last day to resign from the course (with an R on your transcript).

Academic Integrity: Cheating in any form will not be tolerated. Any violation of this policy will be pursued to the fullest extent of university policy.

Posting of grades: Grades will be posted anonymously on the public course website so that you can see how you are doing, both in absolute terms and relative to everyone else. You will provide me with an "alias" (a made-up name) of your choice, so you - and only you - know which row in the grade sheet is yours: this alias can be anything you like that cannot be traced to you (cannot be your real name or an abbreviation of it, not your person number, not your gmail account name, etc.).

Accessibility Resources: If you have a diagnosed disability (physical, learning, or psychological) which will make it difficult for you to carry out the coursework as outlined, or requires accommodations such as note-takers, readers, or extended time on exams, please advise me before the first day of the course so we may review possible arrangements for reasonable accommodations.