Data-Oriented Computing for Mathematicians

Spring 2017

Data in the news

May 8: Did A Billionaire Harvest Big Data From Facebook To Hijack Democracy?

March 28: US consumers lose privacy protections for their web browsing history Congress voted to kill rules meant to prevent internet service providers from selling users’ web browsing histories and app storage histories to advertisers. Another piece on the same issue

March 6: "Big data’s power is terrifying ..."


Day 1

Day 2 Outline, My notebook from Day 2 class.

Day 3 Outline, My notebook from Day 3 class.

Day 4 Outline, Numpy, Gender bias for all names in our database, Regular expressions, Distinguishing Clinton and Trump.

Day 5 Outline, More regex features. Grabbing PDFs.

Day 6 Outline

Day 7 Outline (JSON, NHTSA)

Day 8 Outline (Graphics, XML) My notebook from Day 8 class

Day 9 Outline (XML, SVG, color, choropleths) My notebook from Day 9 class

Day 10 Outline (Making choropleths, Report 2 advice, XML Schema). Advice for Report 2, my scratch notebook from Day 10 class

Day 11 Outline (Report 2 progress, XML Schema, relational databases, SQL).

Day 12 Outline (SQL queries). Your SQL questions answered. Joins in SQLite3 illustrated.

March 14 snow day

Day 13 Outline. My Day 13 scratch notebook: as HTML and as Jupyter notebook.

Day 14 Outline. My Day 14 scratch notebook: HTML day14, ipynb day 14.

Day 15 Outline. My Day 15 scratch notebook: HTML day 15, ipynb day 15.

Day 16 Outline. My Day 16 scratch notebook: HTML day 16, ipynb day 16. Day 16 image read.

Day 17 Outline. My Day 17 scratch notebook: HTML day 17

Day 18 Outline. k means. My Day 18 scratch notebook: HTML day 18

SQL Quiz solutions

Day 19 Outline.

Day 20 Outline. Day 20 pandas, airports, SPARCS

Day 21 Outline. Day 21 scratch, Day 21 multiple tables with pandas

Day 22 Outline and results Day 22 Pandas added to Day 21 multiple tables with pandas


Day 23 Outline neural networks, TensorFlow I

Day 24 Outline deep learning, convolutional neural networks, TensorFlow II

Day 25 Outline GIS

Day 26 Outline QGIS, cont'd. Day 26 scratch

Day 27 Outline Prof. Rachael Hinkle, UB Political Science Dept.