Homework Assignments

Assignment #1

Due in Math Main Office at 2:55pm, Friday, Feb 10.


1.2.3 (derive heat equation for rod of varying cross-sectional area) [4pts]

1.2.6 Grad students only [Part (a) is really just definition. 4pts for part (b). ]


1.3.1 [2 pts. Looking for some valid reasoning for the sign of H.]

1.3.2 [Answer is in back of book. 2pts want to see statement that fluxes are equal, and then Fourier to get relation between gradients. *)

*Note that answers to starred exercises are in the back of the book.


1.4.3 [5pts]


1.5.3 (a) [4 pts]. (b) [2 pts]. (c) [3 pts]. (d) [4 pts]. (e) [4pts].

For 1.5.3(c-e) alternative valid methods are certainly possible and perhaps better!

1.5.12 (a) [2 pts]. (b) [3 pts]. (c) [2 pts].