Day 17

Thursday, April 6, 2017

5.9 Large eigenvalue asymptotics, cont'd

2017_04_06/20170406_130220.jpg 2017_04_06/20170406_130225.jpg 2017_04_06/20170406_130233.jpg

Exam 2 Next Tuesday, April 11

Covers up to Section 5.6, emphasizing material not covered in Exam 1.

You may bring one sheet of handwritten notes on your official QR coded sheet.

Ch. 7 Higher-dimensional PDEs

7.2 Separation of time variable


7.3 Vibrating rectangular membrane

20170406_080600_rectangular_membrane_pickup_math_bldg.jpg 2017_04_06/20170406_135602.jpg 2017_04_06/20170406_135614.jpg 2017_04_06/20170406_135623.jpg

We will also look at vibrating circular membranes, such as:

kick_drum.jpg eardrum.jpg