Day 16

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Section 5.6: Rayleigh quotient for SL problems, cont'd

Minimization principle, cont'd

Examples and proof of minimization principle

2017_04_04/20170404_130256.jpg 2017_04_04/20170404_130302.jpg 2017_04_04/20170404_130311.jpg 2017_04_04/20170404_133718.jpg 2017_04_04/20170404_133725.jpg 2017_04_04/20170404_134817.jpg

Section 5.7 RQ min prin applied to nonuniform stretched string


5.9 Large eigenvalue asymptotics


Exam 2 Next Tuesday, April 11

Covers up to Section 5.6, emphasizing material not covered in Exam 1.

You may bring one sheet of handwritten notes on your official QR coded sheet.