MTH 418/518

Survey of Partial Differential Equations

Spring 2017

Course Information

Class: 418/518 TuTh 12:30-1:50pm Math 150

Lab: 418A Wed 8:00-8:50am Math 150


First class: Tuesday, Jan 31, 2017.

Last class: Thursday, May 11, 2017.

Monday, Feb 6 is the last day to add the class, or to drop it with no record on your transcript. Friday, Apr 21 is the last day to resign from the course (with an R on your transcript).

Instructor: John Ringland. Office: 206 Mathematics Building. Phone: 645-8773. E-mail: ringland at - please put "418" or "518" in the Subject line. Office hours: Mon and Wed 5:00-6:15pm for now, and by app't.

T.A.: Jeffrey Oregero. Email: Office hours: W 3-5pm. Office: 125. Phone: 645-8815.

Textbook: Applied Partial Differential Equations (5th Edition) by Richard Haberman (Pearson)

Website: Bookmark it and check it regularly!

Syllabus: A provisional syllabus is posted on the website.


Homework, projects, recitation activities, class participation: 25%

Three in-class exams: 25% each

Recitation: These weekly help sessions will be conducted by the TA. Occasionally there may be structured activities and attendance will be mandatory for such sessions.

Homework: A homework assignment will be due most weeks. Homework will be a mixture of pencil-and-paper assignments and online assignments using the Webwork system. No late homework of either type will be accepted. Solutions will be available on the website. The lowest pencil-and-paper homework score will be dropped in the computation of the final grade.

A Webwork "Orientation" assignment is available now, and due Feb 6. It guides you through the use of the system. Please work through it at your earliest convenience. Your username is your UBIT username, and your initial password is your UB person number.


In-class Exam #1: Thursday, March 2.

In-class Exam #2: Tuesday, April 11.

In-class Exam #3: Thursday, May 11.

(| 9 lectures | exam | 8 lectures | exam | 8 lectures | exam |)

Exams will be closed-book.

Prescription for success: Sustained steady effort: starting today! Make full use of the human resources available to you: me (in class, during office hours, and by appointment), the TA (in labs, during office hours, and by appointment), and last but definitely not least your fellow students! Start homework assignments early! Get a study-group together! Also make appropriate use of digital resources such as Wikipedia and Youtube.

Computer software: Python (3.5). For students running MacOS or Windows, the easiest option for installing this free and open-source software is the Anaconda distribution of Python 3.5. No prior experience with Python is expected.

Use of electronic devices: Using electronic devices such as computers, phones, etc. during class is strictly forbidden except when I explicitly tell you to do so. Each infraction will cost you 1/3 of a letter grade on your overall course grade.

Students with disabilities: If you have a diagnosed disability (physical, learning or psychological) which will make it difficult for you to carry out the course work as outlined, or requires accommodations such as recruiting note-takers, readers, or extended time on exams and/or assignments, please advise me during the first two weeks of class so we may review possible arrangements for reasonable accommodations.

Making up Incompletes: To make up an Incomplete in Mathematics you must see me immediately. Do NOT register for this class!