Survey of Partial Differential Equations

Spring 2017

Exam 3 solutions

Exam 3 solutions.


Homework assignments

Pencil-and-paper assignments.

HW 01: Solutions, points for each problem.

HW 02: Solutions, (points for each problem in assignments document).

HW 03: Solutions.

HW 04: Solutions.

HW 05: Solutions.

HW 06: Solutions.

HW 07: (UBlearns)

Your sounds:

HW 08: Solutions

HW 09: Solutions 9.3.9, 9.5.11.

HW 10: Solutions.

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Syllabus (subject to adjustment)

Background information sheet

Outlines, notes, illustrations

Days 01 & 02

Day 03

Day 04

Day 05

Day 06 Plotting solution of heat equation IBVP

Day 07

Day 08 (Laplace on disk, qualitative props, ...)

Day 09

Day 10 was the occasion of Exam 1

Day 11

Day 12

March 14 snow day

Day 13 Outline. Boards from today, including your eigenfunction guesses

Day 14 Outline. Eigenvalues and eigenfunctions for non-uniform bar. Sturm-Liouville theory.

Day 15 Outline. Proof of 3 Sturm-Liouville facts. Rayleigh quotient.

Day 16 Outline. Rayleigh quotient minimum principle. Large eigenvalues.

Day 17 Outline. Large eigenvalues. Higher-dimensional PDEs.

Day 18 (April 11) was the occasion of Exam 2. Solutions here.

Day 19 Outline.

Day 20 Outline. Sounds.

Day 21 Outline. Wave equation on circular membrane. Bessel functions.

Day 22 notes.

Day 23 notes. Green's function by eigenfunction expansion, Dirac delta, Green for Poisson

Day 24 notes. Green's function on infinite domain, method of images.

Day 25 notes. Method of characteristics for 1st order (quasilinear) PDEs.

Day 26 notes. Traffic and population models.

Exam 3 coverage. Exam 3 solutions.