Report 1 Assignment

Patterns in primitive Pythagorean triples and prime numbers

You have learned how to generate both primitive Pythagorean triples and prime numbers. Your goal in the first project is to attempt to find and describe some patterns in each of these sets of objects.

I've already suggested that for PPTs you could try plotting points (a,b) and that it might help if you put all the odds on one axis and the evens on the other.

We have not discussed patterns in the primes, though at a glance they look a bit random. I will leave it to you to find some way of presenting the primes that might display a pattern that exists (or perhaps show that there is no obvious pattern). You may want to try several different ways of illustrating the sequence of the primes, perhaps looking at the steps between them, or whether they're getting denser or sparser as the numbers get larger.

Please get started now. We will not be spending any more time on these topics in class. (Though we will talk more about plotting and formatting on Tuesday.).