Day 28, Last Day!, Thursday, May 10, 2018

Report 7: Germ avoidance problem, cont'd

Quiz to be done in groups:

Download this file: uv.pkl, and load the object into memory using

import pickle
with open('uv.pkl','rb') as f:
        uv = pickle.load(f)

In this 4D array uv[i,j,k,l] says if in trial i on day j, user k was infected with virus l.

Write code to estimate the "probability" that a person gets infected with each virus. (For the estimate to be good, we should have a lot more trials.)

Ping Pong


Conjecture: The ball loses a fixed fraction of its energy with each bounce.

Implication of conjecture: time interval between bounces decreases by a fixed ratio. (Geometric series: infinitely many bounces in a finite total time.)