Day 14, Thursday, Mar 14, 2018

Global positioning satellites (GPS), cont'd

Another minimization problem


Spreadsheet for data entry except change the S to an R.

Here's the data you collected in plain text format: gps_data_s18.txt

Exercise: Apply "stagger-down" algorithm to find receiver location by minimizing the sum of squared distance errors.

Project help session

Project 3, due tomorrow

A comparative study of several definitions of badness of fit of a linear function to data {(xi, yi) ∈ ℝ2 : i ∈ {1, 2, ..., n}}

Looking for best-fit line according to several definitions of error for a variety of data sets (large/small, regular/irregular), and your own justified personal value judgments based on the examples you present.

It seems likely that the various definitions of overall error will disagree most in their treatment of outliers. So some of your test cases should have data that is quite linear except for a small number of outliers, like this: