MTH 337 T Introduction to Scientific and Mathematical Computing

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Logistics and Policies

Logistics and Policies

Project Assignments

Report 1: Patterns in primitive Pythagorean triples and prime numbers.

Report 2: Exploration of the dynamics of the mayfly population model. Due 8:00pm, Friday, March 2.

Report guide

Daily Notes

Day 1 chalkboards, notebook01

Day 2 outline, chalkboards, notebook02

Day 3 outline, chalkboards, notebook03

Day 4 outline, notebook

Day 5 Markdown, Latex, and discrete-time dyn sys: outline, chalkboards

Day 6 Better pop model: outline, chalkboards

Day 7 Numpy intro: outline, illustations and links

Day 8 Vectorization, butterfly effect: outline, notebook, chalkboards

Day 9 Graphical iteration, rational arithmetic, IEE 754 floating point: outline, chalkboards, notebook

Day 10 catastrophic loss of significance, remedies, best straight line: outline, chalkboards, notebook

Day 11 best straight line: argmin, least sum of squares solution, least sum of absolutes, outline, chalkboards, notebook

Day 12 broadcasting, best straight line cont'd, Project 3, outline, chalkboards, notebook

Numpy quiz solutions

Day 13 stagger-down minimization method, GPS, outline, chalkboards, notebook

Day 14 GPS conclusion, outline, chalkboards, notebook

Day 15 solving equations (root-finding), outline, chalkboards, notebook

Day 16 complex numbers, dynamics of Newton's method, outline, chalkboards, notebook

Day 17 complex functions, dynamics of Newton's method, tartans, boolean and list indexing, meshgrid, newton convergence, a start on tartans, chalkboards,

Day 18 tartans for color and numpy fancy indexing, dictionaries, and regular expressions: outline, notebook

Day 19 continuous-time dynamical systems: outline, chalkboards, notebook

Day 20 Newton's cannon, planetary orbits, Runge-Kutta, 2 suns outline, chalkboards, notebook.

Day 21 Generating and using pseudo-random numbers. outline, chalkboards, notebook, randu illustration.

Day 22 Non-uniform random numbers. outline. myhistogram.py, chalkboards

Day 23 Non-uniform random numbers, cont'd, Central Limit Theorem, jobs and marriage, germs, stock prices. Outline. histogram1d.py, chalkboards, notebook.

Day 24 Applications of pseudo-random numbers, cont'd, Outline.

Day 25 Computing with text, Outline, chalkboards, notebook.

Marriage/job offer algorithm results

Day 26 More computing with text, and further discussion of epidemiological model, Outline, chalkboards, notebook.

Day 27 Further discussion of epidemiological model for Report 7, physical data acquisition. Outline. Chalkboards, photos etc..

Day 28 Epidemiological model for Report 7, ping pong. Outline. Chalkboards, photos etc. Notebook.


Quiz 7 solutions

Quiz 8 solutions


Quiz score sheet.