HW #4, due 3:50pm Friday, March 9

(postponed from March 2 because of school closure)


2.2.X (Inverse of product.) (Brought forward from HW#3.) Your random matrix should of course be different from mine, and that of all other students.

a. Construct 2 largish (at least 5x5) random square matrices, A and B, with integer values. Form the product AB.

b. Use the algorithm I showed you in class on Feb 20 to find the inverses of A, B and AB.

c. Show that, at least in this case, the inverse of AB is the product of the inverses of A and B in reverse order.

HW #5, due 3:50pm Friday, March 9

2.8 Subspaces

2.8.2 (Draw two vectors in H and their sum not in H.)

2.8.6 (Is vector in subspace generated by 3 vectors in R4?)

2.8.12 (Where Nul A and Col A "live".)

2.8.22 (True or False statements about column spaces and null spaces.)

2.8.28 (Example of vector not in Col A.)

2.8.29 (Example of vector in Nul A.)

2.9 Dimension and rank

2.9.10 (Bases for Col A and Nul A.)

2.9.18 (True or False statements.)